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Jo and Carl Pennells purchased their first German Shepherd, Kim of Bromley, in 1965. They started breeding under the Simnikan Kennel name in the 1960s.  Carl and Jo were instrumental in the formation of the German Shepherd Federation of South Africa in the 1980s. This was done in the interest of improving the quality and standard of breeding by addressing the elimination of hand written pedigrees, identification of animals via tamper-proof methods, breeding regulations related to quality of hips and other regulations which have resulted in the high standard of breeding achieved within the Federation today.

Carl was well known in German Shepherd breed circles for his passion for the breed, his natural eye and his knowledge of bloodlines. He had the ability to recognize the bloodlines and breed kennel history by merely looking at a photograph of the animal. Carl had the gift of being able to select the correct Sire and Dam combinations and was highly respected by his peers in the German Shepherd Federation of South Africa.

Jo qualified as a breed judge under SV Breed Warden Eric Oschler (of the famous von Batu kennel in Germany) . Only two women held this position at the time. Although now retired, Jo is very active in breeding and training German Shepherds.

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Simône was born into the Simnikan way of life and was attending German Shepherd breed shows and obedience competitions in a carry cot! She has been fortunate to inherit many of Carl’s abilities related to breeding. Simône is an accomplished trainer and handler of German Shepherds. She is also active in promoting the breed and is currently the Provincial Breed Supervisor for the German Shepherd Federation of South Africa. Simône is also the Breed Supervisor for the Algoa Bay German Shepherd Dog club (which is based in Port Elizabeth).

Trevor is a true all rounder. He not only has the ability to breed a quality German Shepherd, but can even build the kennels. Trevor has trained a number of German Shepherds and is also a very good handler having partnered Faro vom Roten Hof to a VA position in the National Championships. As a member of the Algoa Bay German Shepherd Dog club, Trevor has lead the initiative in uplifting the premises which the club rents from a local school.

Trevor and Simône’s current breed focus is the consolidation of Simnikan’s bloodlines and the introduction of quality German bloodlines.

Simnikan kennel’s tradition continues in the third generation with Trevor and Simône’s twin daughters Tagan and Tanika. Tanika has excelled with her German Shepherd Cherri in both the show ring as well as in breed related qualifications. Tagan, with her long hair German Shepherd Collosus holds the honor of being awarded the first V show grading as well as the first breed survey Korkl1 (for a long hair German Shepherd) in South Africa.

Both Tagan and Tanika are excellent handlers in the show ring and participate actively in the activities of the Algoa Bay German Shepherd Dog club.

No other breeding kennel in South Africa has the fortunate situation of having three generations of a family fully involved in its breed program and participation in shows and club activities.


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Jo Pennells

Simône and Trevor Masters

Tanika with Cherri and Tagan with Collosus

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