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Carl bought his first German Shepherd dog (indicated as an “Alsatian” on the pedigree) in 1965. The dog was bred by a Mrs Brett of Uitenhage in South Africa. Carl focused on obedience training and soon won the title of Obedience Champion. His interest soon broadened to breeding which lead to the  formation of Simnikan Kennels. The kennel bought Moochie of Trudisan in May 1969 and started breeding.

Carl focused on breeding quality animals from top local and imported bloodlines. Imports by Simnikan included Shooters Way Lysander (who arrived in South Africa from England via ship), Quero von Kopenkamp (the Simnikan mascot), Cita vom Rush, Frei von Haus Bork and lately Oscha von Bleichtal.

Simnikan Kennels have produced VA graded Xita of Simnikan and Ice of Simnikan. A VA grading is given to a very select number of top German Shepherds in the National Breed Show each year.

Numerous working titles and breed titles have led to Simnikan Kennels achieving the Platinum breeders medal in 2009. A platinum medal is significant of a high level of quality breed animals. Only 13 breeders in South Africa have achieved this accolade.

The recent import, Oscha von Bleichtal, has strengthened the kennel. Oscha was mated to Panjo von Kirschental and produced a litter of 8 puppies  known as the “C” litter. All of the litter have received a V show grading which is a feat very seldom (if ever) achieved. Oscha won the Top breed Dam award for 2011. The pedigree for Oscha can be viewed on Pedigree Database

A long coat from the C litter, Collosus of Simnikan, was the first long coat German Shepherd to achieve Korkl 1 in a breed survey and a V show grading.. The pedigree for Collosus can be viewed on Pedigree Database.

Simnikan Kennels also achieved the award as Top Show Kennel in South Africa for 2011.

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